Some of the Best People in the Country

CNI Consultants has some of the best people in the country. They are experts on network security as well as very proactive about workstation maintenance and troubleshooting. The biggest benefit is having an “in house” consulting firm available to resolve technical problems 24x7x365. Prompt and reliable service, technicians are proactive and very knowledgeable. Their around the clock availability, more experience with our ACD system, knowledgeable about the confluence of voice and data sets them apart from others. You cannot find a better IT firm.

Barbara Lamount Call Plus

Knowledgeable, Responsive and Personable

In the past, if we had a technical issue, I had to coordinate all the players to get the problem fixed.  CNI has completely eliminated that. It’s nice to no longer have to be the intermediary. Their response time and 24 hour availability has been phenomenal.  Also, the quality of the people on their team is far superior than those I’ve dealt with from other firms. If you are considering CNI for IT services, don’t overthink it.  CNI Consultants is knowledgeable, responsive and personable.

TJ Levin Texas Messaging

I Have Never Regretted Our Relationship

I will tell anyone that asks about your service to us, that I can not imagine being in business without you.  Over 10 years ago we needed routers, firewall and domain controllers and I did not want the added learning curve, work or responsibility and since then, I have never regretted our relationship.

Larry Kinder Combined Communications

Peace of Mind

The best part of working with CNI Consultants is the peace of mind it affords, hands down. I can be remote in the truest sense of the word knowing that if anything happens CNI has our back. Most of the time, they have either already fixed the issue or they are developing a strategy to fix the issue when we contact them.  Their ability to handle everything from networking or applications to telephony (with an emphasis on telephony) is what sets them apart from other IT firms. I know they can handle anything we face with our IT systems. Additionally, CNI Consultants is very active in making sure our networks and systems are protected and upscale at a reasonable cost.  They are always looking down the road at what technology might benefit us.  I have said this before, and I will say it again. If you are considering CNI Consultants, do not walk, RUN to sign up! Trust me this is an investment that pays for itself!  They save you money each month rather than cost you money. Figure out how much money you would lose to a network shut down or a virus threat. I hate to sound like a Philadelphia lawyer but TRUST ME, sign up with CNI Consultants!

Dennis O'Hara American Communications Center

Communication and Documentation!

My business is based on communication and it is very important to have prompt concise communication, and CNI does an outstanding job to keep us in the loop and telling us exactly what is going on. The biggest benefit to having CNI handle IT issues is the availability and professionalism of the CNI staff. No matter the issue, there is someone with the proper knowledge ready to help.  They are also extremely flexible and willing to work around any issue to make sure your needs are met.  If you are considering CNI Consultants, take the leap!  We have our own in-house IT and supplement with CNI’s services. The knowledge of the CNI Consultants team is second to none.

Chris Berry Mid State Communications

My Stress Level Has Been Lowered

If you are on the fence about working with CNI Consultants, make some reference calls to other CNI clients that are in the industry.  Since CNI Consultant’s services multiple call center networks, it allows the technicians to “Stare & Compare” site settings with other similar networks so we don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”.  Working with CNI Consultants has allowed me peaceful sleep!  Our system uptime is wonderful and system security has kept out the bad guys.  My stress level has been lowered with CNI by my side.

Dirk Moeller Business Connections

CNI has proven over and over again that they are an asset to our company. They take care of our IT which allows us to focus on our customers and grow our business.

Kristen Borne Combined Communications

Reliable and Dependable

If you are looking for friendly, caring, expertise in staff to meet all your IT needs in a prompt responsible manner and who goes above and beyond to help you with any problem you might be having, CNI Consultants is the firm you should do business.  They are reliable, dependable not to mention they are reasonable priced and do many things above and beyond your requests at no extra charge. The expertise of the staff covers so many areas (hardware, software, internet, telecommunications, service desk, etc.) and therefore they are able to provide prompt and accurate resolution of any and all of our service requests.  They treat your every request as a priority and we love them and the service they provide us.

Dorothy Moore French and Associates

You won’t regret hiring them!

Not only does CNI do great work, but they are great people to work with! The ability to receive around the clock technical support has been a huge asset to our company. We know that when we reach out to CNI with an issue, we will receive timely and efficient solutions to our problems. CNI actually does the work behind the issue to not only correct the problem but to see what they can do to ensure it does not happen again. They are very responsive with questions and feedback. If you are considering CNI, hire them, you won’t regret it!

Jeanna Horne Answer One

We Could Not Function Without CNI

Just wanted to take the time to say “thank you” to CNI Consultants for always being just a phone call away! We thank you for treating us as if we were your only clients at times when we have had huge problems, and you’re available weekdays and weekends for our frantic calls.  We absolutely 100% could not function without CNI.

Ashley Watley LLC

Nothing Short of Exemplary

We’ve been with CNI an excess of 10 years and it’s been nothing short of exemplary. If my office was ever in need of immediate assistance, they’re there. Whether it be CNI remoting in to fix the issue or having someone come by the office, all issues are fixed within the day the problem began. If something needs to be updated, I’m notified prior with quotes and a plan to install. CNI’s staff is courteous, punctual and my office simply couldn’t live without them.

Leslie Cohn LLC

Outstanding Customer Service

CNI truly cares about their customers and makes it a priority to make sure our workstations are maintained and updated.  If an issue does arise, they begin working on it quickly and continue working until it is resolved.  The biggest benefit to us is knowing that CNI is reliable. Even though we are a small nonprofit, they always provide quick and timely service with whatever issue we have and we do not experience a long delay or disruption in our work process. CNI’s customer service is outstanding.  Whenever we have a problem, they jump right on it to get it resolved.

April Spear Children and Family Connections

Stellar Service

What can CNI not do for us?” That is the question.  They have always exceeded our expectations in quality of work provided no matter the time of day.  They always have our best interests in mind, yet keep projects within our budget.  They provide stellar service, and every team member is fun to be around. Our employees like them so much, we consider CNI family.

Cristina Robinson Masterbuilt